Cast Iron

Cast Iron is a strong material which will last voor decades.

Production method

The melted iron is casted in mould made from special sand. The surface structure of the sand is copied to the casting and typically for cast iron. Nearly any shape or size is possible.

Possible surfacetreatments

  • shotblasted, the surface will first rust for a certain period and gets a dark brown colour
  • temporary coated, this black coating regulate the rust and makes a nicer transition to the dark brown colour
  • powdercoated, 1 or 2 layers of powdercoat makes every colour possible
  • hot dipped galvanized and powdercoated, high end finish, standard 10 years of guaranty


  • EN-GJL-250 
  • DIN 1561

Region of origin

European union


Casted in every shape you need